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The SC14SPNODE with optional software packages, is a DECT data pump for ultra-low energy data and voice services. A star network topology can be made using the SC14CVMDECT (Module) as a base-station and the (Module) SC14SPNODE as ultra-low energy nodes. A Development Kit is available…

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A Development Kit (The SC14DECTULEKT) is available for setting up a simple ULE network, as it is equipped with an FP and two sensors. Next to range, power can also be checked with this set up and discover the fact, that our sensor modules run for years on a single AAA battery.
Applications are easily created from these boards using the APIs defined by the module firmware and the CoLA (Co-Located) framework. And all user applications can be flashed onto the internal memory of the module without changing anything in the Operating System (OS) stack;the OS detects the presence of the user application and will execute accordingly.

All CVMDECT and SPNODE modules are fully TBR6, FCC and JDECT certified, meaning products based on these modules can be used worldwide. Furthermore, adopting this approved and proven technology also saves RF and production testing costs.

This small, single-antenna module is ideal for portable applications and contains all the power needed for a clear and stable connection; enabling Conferencing applications, Intercom Systems or end-node Sensor devices for the HAECS (Home Automation, Energy Control and Security) markets. Furthermore, because they are based on the DECT standard, they are operational to a range of up to 300m and beyond.

For more information see: https://www.dialohttp://g-semiconductor.com/products/smartpulse

For Developers with aggressive Time-to-Market goals, a practical  solution is to embed a DSP Group module into the application PCB. The DHAN-S  and DHAN-J Modules are used in a ULE Dual-Mode (data and audio) application on the Device side. The DHAN-M with antenna diversity is used on the Hub side. For more information see https://www.dspg.com/dect-ule-products/

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