Thursday, May 24, 2018

Expansion of the ULE Certification program

Bern, May 24, 2018. The ULE Alliance is pleased to announce a major expansion of the ULE Certification program – now ULE modules can be certified.
ULE certification program is solid, it’s time to expand the program support certification of modules. We believe that certified ULE modules will serve as catalyst for attracting additional new device manufacturers to use ULE technology, while reducing their development time and shortening time to market.

Some technical information:

 The certification program can be accessed via ULE Alliance website: (please select Certification/Certification System)
The target page, the Certification System portal contains useful information about the ULE Certification. It is a recommended reading. Specifically on this page you can find:

  •  Certification handbook documents
  •  Certification process guide
  •  Certification process technical overview
  • Certification system user guide