ULE Certification System

ULE Alliance has established a Qualification and Recognition Program for ULE compliant products (also referred to as ULE Certification Program). ULE compliant products which undergo and pass Certification, and are thereby certified as Verified Products meeting the specifications of ULE Technology after testing by a ULE Test Laboratory and certification by a ULE Qualification Body, will be the subject of a license to bear the ULE Picture Mark in terms of a written ULE License.

The ULE Certification program regulations define a flow of steps and actions that need to be taken in order to carry out the product certification process. These steps and actions are designed to assure compliance with the rules and regulations of the process. The set of documents, called ULE Certification Handbook, which govern the certification process can be found here.

The goals of this Certification System web-took is multi-fold:

1.       To facilitate cooperation and coordination between parties involved in the certification process by simple information access and exchange. The involved parties are:

a.       The applicant (member of the ULE Alliance requesting the certification for a product)

b.      The test laboratory

c.       The qualification body

d.      The ULE Alliance

2.       To enable control and monitoring of various steps of the certification process

3.       To create traceable documentation of each certification campaign


The certification system enables the involved parties to perform actions, such as creation of a certification request, validating applicant’s eligibility, authorization of the test laboratory to start testing, and finally, when the certification process is successfully completed, issuing the certification number for the device.

The access and the use of the Certification System is restricted to the members of the ULE Alliance, and is controlled by the username and password; these can be obtained by sending the request via e-mail to the ULE Alliance secretariat (secretariat@ulealliance.org)

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